{March, 2006} Senior Girl Scout Denise Tom Completes Gold Award

Denise Tom,a Senior Girl Scout from South Pasadena's troop 170, recently completed her Gold Award project. Her mission was to replant the garden surrounding the Eddie Park meetinghouse, where she created a xeriscape-style garden that requires a minimal amount of water. She will be honored in a ceremony this coming June.

Claire, Megan, Phylicia, Denise, Alicia, & Amelia on the site of the new xeriscape garden surrounding the Eddie Park meetinghouse


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{Jan. 2006} Congratulations to the 2006 Tournament of Roses Troop!

South Pasadena was represented in the 2006 Tournament of Roses parade by six Senior Girl Scouts: Connie Horng, Alicia Pacheco, Denise Tom, Elizabeth Backus, and Jessica Kwong. Each of them marched through the intense rain that drenched Pasadena on the morning of January 1st.

Tournament of Roses Troop 2006: Denise Tom, Elizabeth Backus, Alicia Pacheco, Connie Horng, & Jessica Kwong.

{January through April 2006}

Tuesday, January 10th - Cookie Training at SPMS Cafeteria at 7:00pm

From January 11th - 21st - Train Girl Scouts and Parents - offer new Café cookie
Girl Receives:______________Chair Keeps:
Permission slips____________T-1 B Troop worksheet
G-2 Cookie Order Form_____T-2 Troop Order & Report
____________________________T-5 Awards Report
____________________________M-3 Receipt Books; Bank Items(deposit book & stamp)
____________________________Sale Posters
____________________________G-3 Money Envelopes

Saturday, January 14th - Kaleidoscope Event - contact Council for more information

Saturday, January 21st - Cookie Sale starts. Chairs must have permission forms from parents before girl starts selling.

January 21st - February 10th - Get pre-sale orders. Remember: girls selling 145+ packages are automatically entered into the Mascot drawing.

Friday, February 10th or Saturday, February 11th - Collect pre-order information from your troop. Chair collects all order from the girls and tallies all boxes ordered on troop worksheet T-1B. Add additional boxes so troop order is in cases (case= 12 boxes). Estimate booth sale (see page 9 in the plan book) and add additional cases. Orders must be firm.

Cookies may NOT be returned, additional product (including mixed cases) will be available during booth period (March 2nd -26th) with 24 hour notice.

Saturday, February 11th by 6:00pm - T-1 Form (white and yellow copies) is due to either Lisa Sherer (e-mail her for directions) or should be brought to Eddie House at the Paperwork Workshop between noon and 2:00pm. If Cadette or Senior troop elected for Troop Profit sharing make sure T-1 form box is checked. If T-1 is not turned in by today, cookie order will be delayed until March 3rd and must be picked up at Council.

Saturday February 25th - Cookie Pick-up begins at 1:20pm. Every troop MUST volunteer to help. We need two volunteers from each troop for two hours. Check email for more information.

Sunday, February 26th - Break down cases and distribute cookies to girls.
Girls receive:____________ ________Chair Keeps:
Cookies_____________ ____________Cookies for booth
Copy of original order____________ T-2
Completed G-3 money envelope__ T-5
Thanks form from council._____ ___Bank items
Signed M-3 receipt______ _________Receipt books

February - March 26th - Keep selling cookies. Additional Cookie Product is available from Marilyn Prietto - melelani@earthlink.net. Orders will be filled as quickly as possible, however please be prepared for a 24 hour turn around time. Marilyn prefers to receive the orders by email. Large orders maybe required to go to the Council Trailer for pick up.

Girls should continue to sell cookies and place the order with you.

Remember your booth sale cookies can be given to girls to fill orders and you can order more cookies from the Cookie Cupboard.

Friday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 26th - Booth Sales and individual cookie sale continues. Additional cookie product is available with 24 hour notice. No orders can be returned; orders must be in cases (boxes of 12). Cookies may NOT be ordered directly from Council, all orders must be placed with the Cookie Cupboard Chair. Boxes maybe exchanged between troops using the receipt book (M-3).

Monday, March 27th - Deadline for girl scout to turn in money to chair.

Monday, March 27th - Thursday, March 30th - Council share of money is deposited to any Bank of America branch. Please get three copies of the deposit slip, one for your records and two for council. Please use the stamp and deposit books received at training for council deposit. Do NOT share bank items. Troop information is on bank items and if you share bank items, your troop will have problems. You must use your own troop bank deposit slips for troop monies earned.

Saturday, April 1st by 6:00pm - Final reports are due to either Lisa Scherer (please e-mail her for directions) or must be brought to Eddie House at the Paperwork Workshop between noon and 2:00pm.
T-2, T-5, two copies of bank certified deposit slips, M-3 transfer slips, Care of Giving form, bank items (stamp & deposit slips), and discrepancy report.
Reports not received by April 1st will cause a delay in receiving award recognition items. Awards will be delayed until June.

Any additional questions regarding cookie sales can be answered by the following members of the 2006 Cookie Team:

Cookie Coordinator/Warehouse Coordinator: Cally Lau - gslau@pacbell.net

Paperwork Chair: Lisa Scherer - jalts4@aol.com

Cookie Cupboard: Marilyn Prietto - melelani@earthlink.net

Gift of Caring: Leeann Davis - leeanndavis@socal.rr.com

Booth Chair: Leslie Bilderback - bilderguys@socal.rr.com

Incentive Chair: Carol LaBrie- clabrie@earthlink.net


{Feb. 25th, 2006} Parents & Adults: Do you have an interesting occupation or are involved with any special hobbies? Spgirlscouts.org is looking for adults with impelling jobs or skills that are willing to volunteer their time and talents to helping girls who are working on their Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards. If you're interested, please send an e-mail to southpasgirlscouts@yahoo.com. Thank you!

{Feb. 25th, 2006} The South Pasadena Girl Scouts website is finally up and running! If you have any photos, news, or information you'd like to see on the site, please e-mail me at southpasgirlscouts@yahoo.com and I'll get it on here as soon as possible. I'd also love to hear any input or suggestions you have about spgirlscouts.org, since I hope to represent the South Pasadena Girl Scouts as best as possible. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day!